Study Tour Report_Museum Bank Indonesia & Republic of Indonesia’s Ministry of Trade

Group 3:

  1. Alfath Nurhatifah T
  2. Monica Shafira
  3. Vania Arif

Companion Teacher: Ibu Aan Nurhasanah

Destination: BI Museum and Republic of Indonesia’s Ministry of Trade


On the 26th May 2016, students from class 10 and 11 Social Science went on an Economics study tour to the Bank of Indonesia Museum and Republic of Indonesia’s ministry of trade. We departed from Al Kausar on 05.30am headed to the Bank of Indonesia Museum. We were supposed to arrive on 09.00an in the morning and join in on a museum tour, but we were more than 30 minutes late because of the bad traffic in Lido.

When we arrived at the Bank of Indonesia Museum, we did an independent museum tour without a tour guide, due to our late arrival. Inside the Bank of Indonesia Museum, we got informations about Indonesia’s economical history starting from when the invaders arrive until now. We went into a room that shows the phases of Indonesia’s economical history.

After visiting the economical phase room, we entered a small room that provides a gold lifting simulation. The room was full with glass, and was filled with fake gold to be exhitbitioned. Afterwards, the 10th and 11th grader students took photos in front of the money exhibition room. Afer taking pictures, we went to the money exhibition room to know the changes of Republic of Indonesia’s money appearance from year to year. There are also many different kinds of money from all countries around the world in that room, like America, Australia, Afghanistan, Ghana, Japan, etc.

Then, we left the museum to have lunch. We had lunch with the food the canteen has provided behing the museum building near the mosque. After having lunch, we head out to the Ministry of Trade.

We arrived at the Ministry of Trade on 14.00pm. Then, we entered a meeting room named Dahlia. In that room, we heard material explanations from 2 speakers. The first speaker is Ms. Marina. Ms. Marina explained the material “The Active Role of The Young People in Facing the AEC”. Ms. Marina’s explanation was very interesting and easy to understand. In the middle of her explanation, Ms. Marina gave us a game simulation in facing our fears. In that simulation, all of the students were each given 1 baloon. The baloon was considered as our biggest fear. Then, we have to pop the baloon by sitting on it. There are several students that didn’t pop their baloons, and because of that, some of the crews came in and helped. There was also a questioning and answering session with Ms. Marina, and whoever can answer Ms. Marina’s question will recieve a wafer from Mr. Jo, one of the Ministry of Trade crew.

The second speaker was Mr. Sukoco. Mr Sukoco gave us a material about “Trading in Effort Sector”. Mr Sukoco’s material was delivered much faster than Ms. Marina’s, yet still easy to be understood. What Mr. Sukoco and Ms. Marina has taught us were very beneficial for all of us. After the questioning and answering session with Ms. Marina and Mr. Sukoco has finished, on 16.30pm we all went back to the bus.

We headed back to Alkausar around 17.00pm. In the middle of the way, we stopped by in a rest area in Cibubur to buy food and individual needs. We headed back to the bus on 18.30pm and continued our way back to Alkausar. We finally arrived in Alkausar on 21.30pm.






Studi Tour Ekonomi, Museum Bank Indonesia dan Kementrian Perdagangan RI

Pada hari Rabu  25 Mei 2016, Siswa SMA Insan Cendekia Al kausar kelas X_3 dan XI_Ilmu IPS melakukan kunjunganbelajar  ke Museum Bank Indonesia dan Kementrian Perdagangan RI. Kunjungan belajar ini merupakan bagian dari kegiatan Study Tour pada Mata Pelajaran Ekonomi di SMA INsan Cendekia Al Kausar, diikuti oleh 18 siswa kelas X-3 dan 22 siswa Kelas XI_Ilmu sosial.
Study  tour ini di tujukan sebagai salah satu kegiatan pembelajaran untuk pengambilan nilai ekonomi. Kelas X dengan materi Uang dan Perbankan , dan kelas XI IPS dengan materi Perdagangan Internasional.


Berikut adalah foto-foto selama kunjungan tersebut

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Pasar Modal

Video pembelajaran  mengenai pasar modal yang dibuat  oleh Siswa SMA Insan Cendekia kelas XI angkatan 7 sebagai bagian dari tugas mata pelajaran Ekonomi.



#SMA Insan Cendekia Al Kausar



Investasi Pasar Modal

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Market Day 2016

Market Day adalah kegiatan tahunan yang dilaksanakan siswa-siswa SMA Insan Cendekia Al kausar yang terintegrasi dalam pembelajaran Ekonomi. Kegiatan ini diikuti siswa-siswi kelas X, dengan bantuan Kelas XI IPS sebagai panitia Kegiatan. Maket Day memberikan pengalaman siswa dalam melakukan transaksi jual beli yang  bertujuan untuk menumbuhkan minat dan jiwa kewirausahaan siswa-siswi  SMA Insan Cendikia Alkausar .

Untuk tahun ini Market Day 2016, mengambil tema “International Cuisine”. Siswa kelas X diminta untuk menyiapkan dan menjual menu wajib dari berbagai negara yang sudah disepakati di awal kegiatan Market Day. Selain menu wajib, para siswa juga menentukan beberapa menu pilihan  yang akan dijualnya di kegiatan tersebut.




The menu





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Soal Try Out Ekonomi Ujian Nasional 2015








sumber :

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Investasi Pasar Modal



Berikut beberapa link youtube mengenai Pasar Modal


APBN 2014

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